Istanbul, swallow my daydreams

Mi mind returns little by little. It took to my body more than 36 hours to arrive this city (the one that, unfortunately, every time I travel I dislike a bit more). But my mind is having a hard time to completely be here… It’s hard when you’ve been not only in a beautiful city, but in a city where you feel compatible all around. The music I like was playing in the tv, the radio, the bars; I was able to buy cd’s of bands I know and like, and somehow, I managed to attend three concerts of bands I love. The food is familiar to my taste: colorful, flavorful, spicy sometimes. The candies are the best (and some of them reminds me of Mexican candies). The people are strangely *very* similar to Mexican people, I’m amazed of their hospitality and kindness. Every detail I can think of, was a sort of great history. Every picture I took has a great anecdote. It’s like I’ve been loved by a city and its people every minute I spent there. No prejudices, no reject, no bad experiences: every place I touched, touched my heart in return.
This is why it’s so difficult to really say goodbye (and more difficult to me, now that for the first time in my 6 years of being a blogger, I chose to write in English) and restart with my mind and my heart in this reality.
I cannot stop daydreaming about these last two weeks. It seems like a very little time, but there are big changes that took even less.
So my heart is now torn apart, and it hurts. But I hope that with time these memories will stay in my mind peacefully, as precious moment hoping to be revived, someday.

This post is dedicated to all the beautiful people I met in Istanbul: çok tesekkürler. You all have a piece of my heart.


ps: don’t judge me for my english :P

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