Stepping stones

Hace algunos días entrevisté a Jeff Gomez, autor (entre otras cosas) de Beside Myself, una novela muy buena que además es un ejemplo de una exitosa integración entre medio y contenido. Me dijo cosas interesantes que me hicieron reflexionar temas que me dispongo a escribir en este momento en la conclusión de mi tesis. De entre sus respuestas, les comparto esto que estoy a punto de citar en mi texto:

In the end, any fictional work should be compared to the next, regardless of the delivery mechanism. After all, we don’t view novels differently when one is published as a paperback and the other is a hardback, so why would an electronic novel be treated or thought of any differently? And yet of course nearly everyone—the publishing industry, editors, agents, and even readers—look upon electronic content as something “less than.” It is treated as unserious, even cheap, as if words and stories somehow become better when they’re printed on a page. The fact remains that what we think of as “books,” i.e. the physical artifact, are merely the delivery mechanism for stories. As much as we love to hold them, or what kind of memories printed pages may hold of our shared or individual past, they’re merely stepping stones between the writer and reader.

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